-SHIBNOBI NFT PROMO: Cliff set the Legacy NFT collection to BOGO (buy 1, get one) for the duration of the AMA. Make sure you’re tuning in every day for a chance to take advantage of these opportunities!

If you missed it, we will still be running a “buy 2, get 1 free” promo until Monday, August 22 at 10 pm EST.

-SHIBNOBI LAUNCHPAD: As Cliff touched on briefly during earlier AMAs this week, the team has been working on their very own launchpad, which could potentially become a full-fledged product in the near future. One of the main issues we’ve noticed with most launchpad services available today is that they aren’t created with customization and client relations in mind.

Through Shibnobi Launchpad, developers would have the ability to set their desired launch parameters (starting market cap, token price, presale / no presale, etc.) with direct assistance and guidance from our staff.

As the team continues to build upon the launchpad, more updates will be shared.

-SHIBNOBI VERSE: Next week, a site will go live where users will be able to watch a video and read up on some of the basic information planned so far for Shibnobi Verse.

-SHIBNOBI PLAY: The team is now expecting the first phase of Shibnobi Play to release between the middle and end of September. Promos with more information on Play will be coming next week.

Open-Floor Q&A
Q: Will the original minter of an NFT in the Legacy Collection receive royalties on future sales of the NFT?
A: No, 6% of each future sale goes back to the creators (artists) of the NFTs.

Q: Why should I continue to hold my Shibnobi NFTs instead of sell them for a quick profit?
A: Owners will be able to receive discounts in the Shibnobi Store and Shibnobi Verse, access limited edition merchandise over a 4-week period, stake them to earn rewards (tokens), and more.

Q: Is it possible that Shibnobi will develop their own indie game in the future? I believe it would tie in well with Shibnobi Play.
A: Part of Shibnobi’s original plans was to develop a P2E game, but was replaced with Shibnobi Verse. We may decide to revisit the idea once we hit a certain point in the development of the Metaverse.

Q: Will Shibnobi Chain be releasing soon?
A: The dev team is currently evaluating the possibility of implementing dustproof technology into Shibnobi Wallet by making some changes to our blockchain’s code. If this final push proves successful, then both the wallet and the blockchain will be released concurrently. More information on this will come out next week or the week after next.

Q: Does Shibnobi plan to pursue any additional partnerships?
A: Yes, as project developers reach out to us for assistance through our software division, we will continue to build more partnerships with like-minded teams.