Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 08/31/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 08/31/2022

-VEHICLE AD CAMPAIGN: Strong has forwarded all of the mileage data for the months of July and August to Cliff. Those who are participating in our vehicle ad campaign should see their payments within the next few days.
If you aren’t already participating, but would like to, please reach out to Strong (TG: @Shibnobi_Strong Twitter: @ShibnobiStrong Email: for more information.

-LUCK OF THE DRAW: has been revamped with an all-new interface that provides more information on the platform, and an overall cleaner look. A new wallet connector has also been implemented, which should eliminate any issues of compatibility with certain wallets. This connector will be added to other utilities in the near future.
An additional update will be coming soon, which will add rankings to the tokens eligible for receiving buybacks and burns. These buybacks and burns will be done when a token has accumulated at least 1 BNB from placing top 3 in the voting system. A fix will also be pushed out to correct an issue with copying referral links on Android devices.

-SPECIAL GUEST: Covfefe from Streamerinu joined us tonight to give us an update on what their project has been up to since we last had them on the AMA. Their project’s primary focus is to create a platform where streamers of all genres can find support, connect with one another and increase their exposure to the public. Although they are a fairly new crypto project, they have already been contacted by and worked alongside well-known entities Twitch, Def Jam and VH1. They are planning to become the official sponsor of the next TwitchCon, and release the first-ever crypto reality show.
To learn more about their project, visit Their token (STREAMERINU) is already listed on Shibnobi Swap, and is one of the supportable projects on

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: Why did Covfefe decide to stay and register Streamerinu as an LLC in Dubai?
A: Because of Dubai’s positive stance on cryptocurrencies / businesses.

Q: Will Streamerinu be launching their token on BSC?
A: There are no plans for it at this time.

Q: Can we add important dates to our website ( instead of having information spread across AMAs and Tweets?
A: Our roadmap, which will be getting updated as more information is shared over the next 11 weeks, contains most of the important dates / timelines for the project.