Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/15/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/15/2022

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: Our NFT collection’s rarity ranking is now live on Rarity Sniper! Head over to and enter your NFT ID to see how rare yours is compared to the rest that have been revealed so far!
Furthermore, NFT reveals will now occur after every 500 mints rather than every 1000 mints. This means that the next reveal will be done when 4,500 NFTs have been minted!

-SHINJA V2: The team has announced that Shinja V2 will have a total supply of
100,000,000,000 (100 billion) tokens!

The tokenomics at launch will be as follows:

             BUY   SELL   TRANSFER
Marketing / Development: 3.5%   4%   0.5%
Liquidity Pool:       1.0%    2%   0.5%
Burn:           1.0%    1%   1.0%
Staking Pool:       2.0%   3%   2.0%
TOTAL:         7.5%   10%  4%

(These tax allocations are independent from each other and can be adjusted individually)

Strong has also spilled the beans, and the starting price is currently set to be 0.000X (subject to change depending on the rise / fall of the market between now and the final snapshot of V1).

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: What will happen with Shinja on centralized exchanges?
A: We are still working out details with the exchanges, but some have already confirmed that V1 tokens can simply be replaced with V2 tokens.

Q: How will taxes for the staking pool be collected from trades done on exchanges?
A: We will discuss this with exchanges that support tokenomics.

Q: How can I determine how many V2 tokens I will receive?
A: You won’t be able to determine the exact number of tokens you’ll receive until trading of V1 is disabled and the claim site is live. However, you will still retain the same value and percentage of supply that you held in V1 at the time the snapshot is taken.

Q: How will I claim my V2 tokens if I hold both ETH Shinja and BSC Shinja?
A: You will have to claim your tokens for each network (once for ETH, once for BSC).

Q: Will the percentage of the supply burned remain the same with V2?
A: It won’t be exactly the same, but a significant amount of the supply will be burned in order for the price, value and market cap to be appropriately balanced.

Q: When will staking for NFTs be available?
A: This information will be announced sometime in the next 8 weeks as we lead up to the relaunch.