Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/19/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/19/2022

-NEW SHIBNOBI SWAP LISTING: Proof of Memes (ETH2.0) has been listed on Shibnobi Swap!

-LUCK OF THE DRAW: Proof of Memes will be added to Luck of the Draw ( as a project that users can vote for to receive buybacks and burns of their token!

-SHIBNOBI AD SPACES: We will begin offering the ad spaces on our sites to interested projects in the next couple of weeks. This service will also be added to our pitch deck soon.

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: NFTs 4001 – 4500 will be revealed tomorrow, September 20!

Proof of Memes Q&A

Twitter: @Proof_Of_Memes
Telegram: proofofmemes

Q: What is Proof of Memes?
A: Launched on the same night that the Ethereum merger occurred, Proof of Memes (PoM) aims to launch an ecosystem with a mission to support meme coins. They will be building a Layer-1 Proof of Work blockchain, hard-forked from the Ethereum network. Projects that are interested in being supported by PoM will have their KYC verified, and utility reviewed for uniqueness.

Q: What is the lead developer’s background?
A: Meme Love originally started a project named “SOGE” (Society of Galactic Exploration), which reached a ~$36M market cap within a day of launching. Their primary objective was to create a mobile app that would allow users to rent and remotely control high-powered telescopes around the world. This project requires a ton of funding to achieve its goals, so Meme Love hopes to collect enough revenue from the PoM ecosystem to reboot and maintain this utility.

Q: When is the Proof of Memes blockchain expected to go live?
A: The testnet and mainnet of PoM are complete, but the team is currently reaching out to exchanges to offer an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) in order to build up liquidity prior to launching their coin.

Q: Which exchanges is PoM hoping will assist with the IEO?
A: KuCoin and MEXC.

Q: How will meme coins benefit from the Proof of Memes blockchain?
A: With this being a new blockchain, early projects can potentially benefit greatly if PoM grows as large as Ethereum has. Also, meme coins make up the majority of the volume on Ethereum, with little to no recognition. Proof of Memes will recognize the projects on their network.

Q: Why does Meme Love think a blockchain dedicated to meme coins hasn’t been attempted by other developers in the past?
A: Meme Love believes that most developers are just trying to make money by launching a project using copied solidity contracts, and don’t have the organization or dedication to build and maintain something as advanced as blockchain technology.

Q: With most blockchains moving towards greener energy, why did PoM decide on using a Proof of Work consensus?
A: 25% of the pre-mined coins that PoM will launch with are being reserved as a benefit to green energy miners. The PoM team also believes that industries worldwide will begin redirecting wasted energy towards blockchain mining in the near future, which will help with grid stabilization.

Q: Will PoM be taking advantage of Shibnobi’s bridge technology?
A: With PoM launching their own coin, they have no plans at this time to utilize the bridge, but they will be recommending it to projects that are planning to bridge to PoM’s blockchain.

Q: Why did PoM choose to reach out to Shibnobi?
A: Drew (LRSCGOD) from Shibnobi shared the pitch deck with their team, which contains all of Shibnobi’s products / services available to interested projects.

Q: Can PoM explain their EIP-1559?
A: PoM is not going to include EIP-1559, as this is what led to an increased difficulty factor, and caused miners to receive less rewards from processing transactions.

Q: Will anyone certify PoM’s code?
A: Being a hard fork of Ethereum, the code will be almost identical, save for a few name changes. The code will be audited though.

Q: How many shares will be done per hour?
A: PoM’s initial supply will be 1B, with rewards being 7 coins every 5 seconds, making PoM’s block time a lot smaller compared to Ethereum. However, this will make PoM’s network less likely to fall victim to a “51% attack” early on.

Q: How did PoM decide on the taxes that they’ve set on their token (ETH2.0)?
A: The buy tax is 4% and the sell tax 8% simply because development costs are not small for creating and maintaining a blockchain.

Q: How will “SOGE” be implemented into PoM’s ecosystem?
A: SOGE will be the first project launched on the PoM network.

Q: What makes “SOGE” require so much funding?
A: The utility is so research-intensive that it could cost millions of dollars to fund.

Q: Does PoM have plans to create their own version of Telegram?
A: Yes, part of PoM’s roadmap is to create a fork of Telegram dedicated to crypto.