Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/21/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/21/2022

-SHIBNOBI BRIDGE: The team has found an issue with trading BTC for other coins on Shibnobi Bridge. The nature of the Bitcoin blockchain causes transactions to process a lot slower than EVM-compatible networks, so the team will need to rework some things in order to improve the timing.
Because of this, trading for BTC will likely still go live tomorrow, but trading from BTC will be slightly postponed.

-LINKTREE: Our LinkTree page has been updated with all of our current sites and utilities. Please visit to find all of our official platforms in one place!

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: Will we be able to stake our NFTs to earn Shinja?
A: Yes, once our full staking platform is released.

Q: What are Cliff’s personal thoughts on the Ethereum market right now?
A: Cliff expects the price of Ethereum to go lower, possibly even to ~$750. However, he also believes the price will climb back up to $3500 - $4000 before the end of the year. (Not financial advice)

Q: With our AMA viewer count being small compared to our holder count, is the team concerned that the majority of our holders aren’t aware that they will have to migrate to V2?
A: The migration site will remain up for 3 months, and several reminders will be made across our social media accounts.

Q: If we stake our tokens on the upcoming staking site to earn Shibnobi Credits+, will we have to unstake them in order to claim our V2 tokens?
A: No, your V1 tokens will be replaced with V2 tokens automatically if they are staked during the migration.

Q: If I transfer my Shinja to my newly acquired Shibnobi Cold Wallet, will I still be able to stake them?
A: Yes, but keep in mind our V1 token’s transfer tax is higher than what our V2 token’s will be (8% compared to 4%). It might be better in your situation to wait until the V2 token is launched to execute the transfer.