Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/29/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 09/29/2022

-SHIBNOBI PLAY: Shibnobi Play is LIVE! Visit and create an account to get started!
This initial version is for public users to test out each aspect of Play and provide feedback to the team. We even have some pro gamers testing it out to give their opinion on it!
If you find any issues with the platform, or just have an idea you’d like to share with us, please submit a ticket using the support section of the site. We’ll be taking these first few weeks to collect feedback and make changes based on community input. After ~2 weeks, the Shibnobi Credits system will be enabled for users to buy/earn Credits and engage in wager matches!
Furthermore, we are holding a Credits+ airdrop event that has been announced on our official Twitter page (@Shib_nobi)! Complete the steps and make at least one post a day on Play to earn 50 Credits+ (worth $50 USD)!

-SHIBNOBI CREDITS STAKING: The staking site where holders can stake their ETH and / or BSC Shinja to earn Credits+ is also LIVE! Visit, connect your wallet, and choose how much you’d like to stake!
Make sure that you conduct two transactions – one to approve the contract to interact with your wallet, and the other to perform the staking transaction. The APY is set to 100% for the initial staking period!
At the bottom of the page, there is a leaderboard that allows holders to see how many tokens each wallet has staked. The team will be adding a feature to this leaderboard in the next few days that will display live rewards earned for each of these wallets.
Important Note: In order to earn rewards, you must stake until at least November 22. You may unstake before then, but you will forfeit all Credits+ that you would have earned! Reward amounts are based on how many tokens you stake, and how long you decide to stake for. You may continue to stake even after November 22 to earn additional Credits+.

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: Rarity Sniper has now been updated to provide rarity ranks for our first 5000 NFTs. Visit to see how rare your NFT is compared to the others!

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: Why are Shinja’s taxes so high compared to new tokens with taxes as low as 0%?
A: Simply put, development has costs. We partially rely on revenue collected through taxes in order to operate efficiently and continue building upon our ecosystem. Token projects that have little / no tax are likely either receiving no income to actually sustain development, or selling their tokens through multiple wallets to pay for it, ultimately hurting their holders.

Q: Will we retain the same percentage of the supply we currently hold, or just our dollar value when we migrate to V2?
A: Both (with price fluctuations of Ethereum and BNB in mind).

Q: Will I have to do anything with my tokens that are staked on the Verse staking site when the V2 migration starts?
A: No, the team will take care of it. You will not need to unstake them.

Q: Will we still receive reflections for our tokens staked on the Verse staking site?
A: Because the rewards pool is Credits+ and not Shinja tokens, there is no compound interest of tokens going towards the pool. Therefore, no reflections are given for these staked tokens. However, when our other staking platform is released with V2, there will be tax collected to feed the rewards pool, giving those who stake compound interest.

Q: I am trying to stake the remainder of my tokens, but keep receiving an error message stating “Stake Failed. Cannot estimate gas transaction.”
A: You must stake at least 100 million (100,000,000) tokens for the transaction to be processed.

Q: What is the maximum number of tokens that we can stake per transaction?
A: BSC Shinja – Up to 25 BNB’s worth per day (in accordance with the global limit)
ETH Shinja – Up to 75 quintillion per transaction. Multiple transactions are required to stake more than this.

Q: Will the other staking platform be launched before November 22?
A: We will likely wait until after November 22 to launch the other staking platform so those who choose to stake on the Verse staking site don’t miss out on the first day.

Q: When the other staking platform launches, how many tokens will we receive for staking?
A: It depends on how many tokens you stake and how long you choose to stake for.

Q: Will we be able to link multiple wallets to our universal Shibnobi account?
A: Yes, the team will be adding this feature soon, along with the ability to transfer Credits / Credits+ between wallets.