Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/26/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/26/2022

-SHINJA PRICE CHALLENGE (ENCORE): With the health of the market looking great today, we’ve decided to give the community another chance to get the price of ETH Shinja to match the price of BSC Shinja!
Currently, BSC Shinja’s price is around $0.0₁₅5504 and ETH Shinja’s price is around $0.0₁₅4769. If the community can push the price of ETH Shinja to match BSC Shinja’s price by the start of the AMA this Friday (October 28 at 4 pm EST), 3 people who buy any amount of ETH Shinja during this challenge will be chosen at random to receive $5000 in ETH Shinja tokens!
Note: Any sells of Shinja during this period will automatically disqualify you.

                                      Open-Floor Q&A

Q: When trading of V1 Shinja is disabled, will we still be able to purchase NFTs during the migration period?
A: Yes, they are two separate smart contracts.

Q: When can owners of 50+ Shibnobi NFTs expect early access of purchasing land in Verse to go live?
A: We are aiming to have it start within a few weeks after the V2 token launch. You should be receiving your 5000 free Credits+ sometime before November 22. They will be added to your Shibnobi universal account (created on Play) after linking your wallet(s).

Q: If the price of ETH / BNB goes up or down during the migration period, will the value of my Shinja tokens also go up or down?
A: Yes, the price / value of Shinja will fluctuate with ETH / BNB prices.

Q: Will the Shibnobi Eco app be audited by Certik?
A: We have been hiring ethical hackers to test every aspect of our products, and report any vulnerabilities for us to correct. If we decide to have the app audited, it will likely be with another service that we have partnered with. We are still partnered with Certik and believe they are great, but another partnership opportunity has emerged.

Q: Will the snapshot be taken on November 1, 2022?
A: Yes. We will take the snapshot and announce when it has been taken. We then plan to have the migration site live by November 4 (November 7 at the latest).

Q: Burning $1 to vote on the DAO site seems kind of low. Is it possible to increase the amount each voter is required to burn?
A: The team has been discussing this internally, and may decide to propose that each voter burns $5 or $10 worth of Shinja in order to vote. This will increase the rate of reducing the circulating supply, and ultimately help drive the price up.