Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/27/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/27/2022

                                        Open-Floor Q&A

Q: When can we expect to see more sneak peeks of Shibnobi Verse in action?
A: The team has been working on another preview of Verse. Cliff will reach out to them to see how far along it is.

Q: If we buy ETH Shinja on Shibnobi Swap, will it count towards the current price challenge giveaway?
A: No, because it has a separate liquidity pool from Shinja on Uniswap. The challenge is based on the prices of ETH Shinja and BSC Shinja on DexTools, which pulls data from Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Therefore, buys must be done on Uniswap to count towards the giveaway.

Q: Will the team be adding support for XRP to Shibnobi Bridge?
A: We were already working on adding another coin, but Cliff recalls the conversation about the difficulties holders are having with obtaining XRP, so we will look into this one as well.

Q: Is the V2 migration based on the dollar value that we hold, or the amount of tokens that we hold?
A: It will be based on the percentage of the V1 supply that you hold. You will receive the same percentage of the V2 supply that you hold in V1.

Q: Are there any updates for the Shibnobi Eco app?
A: The team is in the process of applying for the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. They’ll be running a few more tests on the app, but still expect to have the initial version launched alongside the V2 token. We will also provide a live demo of the app closer to launch.

Q: Will we need VR glasses / headsets to access Shibnobi Verse?
A: It will be optional. If you do not have VR gear, you will still be able to use a 3D model version of Verse on your PC.

Q: How long will the BOGO NFT promo last for?
A: Until Halloween (Monday, October 31).