Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/28/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/28/2022

-ENCRYPTED SHADOWS: Shibnobi Studios is currently working on “Encrypted Shadows”, a documentary that will provide an introspective look into the crypto space. A preview of the project can be found on our official YouTube channel. We ask every holder to share this video with as many people as possible so that we can spread awareness and promote change in this space.

-SHINJA V2: Reminder that trading of Shinja V1 will be disabled on November 1, and a snapshot will be taken for both ETH Shinja and BSC Shinja. The team is aiming to have the migration site live by November 4, or November 7 at the latest.

-SHIBNOBI VERSE: As discussed last night, the team has been working on another promotional preview of Verse. We are hoping to have this out sometime next week.

-SHINJA PRICE CHALLENGE (ENCORE): Because of how close we’ve gotten to our goal, we will be extending this challenge for ONE more day. If the community can get the price of ETH Shinja on DexTools to $0.0₁₅5404 by Saturday, October 29 at 4 pm EST, we will reward 3 people who bought any amount of ETH Shinja on Uniswap during this challenge with $5000 in ETH Shinja!
Note: Any sell of Shinja during this period will automatically disqualify you.

-SHIBNOBI BRIDGE: We are pleased to announce that not only are we working on adding support for XRP to the Bridge, but we will be adding support for ETHW (EthereumPoW) as well! ETHW will also be added to Shibnobi Swap, so token projects on that network will be able to list with us!

-SHIBNOBI DESIGN CAMPAIGN: We want to see even more community interaction, and incentivize it with potential rewards. If you’re a creative person, please feel free to make some promotional art (banners, graphics, stickers, video clips, memes, etc.) and submit them to the official Shibnobi Studios Twitter (@Shibnobi_Studio). If we decide to use your creations, we’ll send you some Shinja tokens!

                                          Open-Floor Q&A

Q: When will we be able to see how many Credits+ we are earning by staking on
A: Likely with an update coming next week.

Q: Will we need to connect our wallets in order to receive free Credits+ for the NFTs we’ve purchased?
A: Yes. Those who own 20, 35 or 50 of our NFTs will have to link their wallet to their Shibnobi account on Play to receive their free Credits+. This feature will be coming soon.

Q: Will we need to migrate our tokens to V2 if we are currently staking them?
A: When you exit the staking pool on, you will receive your V2 tokens.

Q: If I hold some of my Shinja tokens in my wallet, and some are staked, what will I need to do in order to receive V2 tokens?
A: You will need to visit the migration site to trade in the V1 tokens in your wallet. For your staked tokens, you will receive V2 tokens when you exit the staking pool.