Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/31/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 10/31/2022

-SHIBNOBI PLAY: The next update to Play will add a feature for users to connect one wallet to their Shibnobi account. This will allow everyone who holds at least $100 of Shinja (ETH or BSC) in their wallet to start earning DOUBLE Credits+ for completing tasks on the platform! A subsequent update coming soon will add support for multiple wallets to be linked to an account.

-PLAY AND VERSE DEMOS: A preview of the upcoming Shibnobi Play mobile app should be releasing within the next 1 – 2 days. We’ll also be sharing a new demo of Shibnobi Verse a few days from now.

-SHINJA V2 MIGRATION: As we prepare to migrate to our V2 contract, it is imperative that every holder understands the following events starting tomorrow (November 1):
  ⦁ The liquidity for ETH and BSC Shinja on Shibnobi Swap will be pulled tomorrow (Nov 1) and stored for reinjection into V2. This will effectively disable all trading of Shinja on our swap until the relaunch.

⦁ The liquidity for BSC Shinja on PancakeSwap will also be pulled tomorrow (Nov 1) and stored for reinjection into V2. No trading will be possible until the  relaunch.

⦁ The liquidity of ETH Shinja on Uniswap is still locked, preventing us from pulling all of it until November 15. Therefore, we will be setting the taxes to the       MAXIMUM allowable amount (100% to liquidity). Since slippage can only be set to 50% or lower, this action will also disable trading.

⦁ There are several scammers contacting holders about the migration. All information and links will be announced on our official channels ONLY, which can be found at

⦁ When the migration site goes live on Friday, November 4, every holder (except for those who are staking all of their Shinja) will have to trade in their V1 tokens in order to receive V2 tokens.

-SHIBNOBI BRIDGE: We are aiming to have support for ETHW added to the Bridge by the end of this week.

-VERSE STAKING: The team is working on pushing out an update that will display the amount of Credits+ holders are earning on by the end of this week.

-SHIBNOBI ECO: The Shibnobi Eco app is still expected to launch alongside our V2 token on November 15. However, due to the time it takes for Apple to review and approve applications, Android users might get first access to the app.

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: We’ve surpassed 5,500 total mints on, which means another reveal will be happening! Cliff will talk with the team to see if NFTs 5001 – 5500 can be revealed during tomorrow night’s AMA!

                                        Open-Floor Q&A
Q: Will we be able to see our V2 tokens in our wallet immediately after claiming them?
A: Yes, you’ll just need to add the new contract address to your wallet. You will not be able to interact with them until trading is enabled on November 15 though.

Q: Will each centralized exchange halt trading and convert to Shinja V2 automatically?
A: Yes, they will be turning in their V1 tokens and receiving V2 tokens in return. We plan to have this process completed before the relaunch, and will provide any necessary updates as we get closer to the relaunch date.

Q: Why has Shinja been removed from LBank?
A: The CEXes that are based in the Eastern Hemisphere have already begun disabling the trading of Shinja (it is November 1 in their time zones).

Q: Will we be able to stake our NFTs in the future?
A: Yes, with our upcoming staking platform. There may also be opportunities within the Verse at some point.

Q: If I’m staking my tokens at, will I need to migrate to V2 after I unstake?
A: No. When you unstake from this site, your tokens will be automatically migrated, and you will receive V2 tokens. There will not be any extra steps.

Q: Will we still be able to trade NFTs when trading of Shinja is disabled?
A: Yes. They are two completely different contracts.

Q: With V2, will every token remain in circulation, or will some be burned? Will there be tokens set aside for exchange listings and other things?
A: A portion of the supply will be burned at launch. We will also have tokens reserved for future exchange listings, giveaways, etc.

Q: Will we continue to earn Credits+ on while trading is disabled?
A: Yes, as long as you don’t unstake before November 22.

Q: When minting Shibnobi NFTs, how will we know if we’ve won a limited-edition figurine?
A: All of the figurines have been sent out to the winners already. There are no more left.

Q: When will the owners of 50 NFTs be able to start buying land in Verse?
A: On or around November 22 (tentatively).

Q: When will we be able to start staking tokens to earn Shinja?
A: We are aiming to have the staking platform out within 2 to 3 weeks after the relaunch.