Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/14/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/14/2022

-SHINJA V2 LAUNCH: The team has been working closely with other entities (Etherscan / BSCScan, DexTools, centralized exchanges, etc.) to update our information with V2 data. Our V1 contract in Etherscan / BSCScan now directs users to our V2 pages.
We are still unsure of exactly when each centralized exchange will enable trading of V2. Some are waiting for trading to go live so that they can test integration prior to allowing their users to trade. Because of this, we are hoping that trading will go live for most, if not all, exchanges within 2-3 days of our relaunch.

-NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE: will be getting a new overhaul to celebrate the launch of V2. The UI will have a cleaner, more consolidated look, and allow users to easily visit all of our utilities from one page.

-DAO SITE: The DAO site where holders of our token will have the ability to submit and vote on proposals for the project will likely go live on November 16.

Proposal submissions will require $25 in Shinja tokens to be burned. Each vote on these proposals will require $3 in Shinja tokens to be burned. These costs are set in this manner in hopes that only serious, well-thought-out proposals are submitted, and voters are taking these proposals seriously.

-SHIBNOBI ECO: The newest addition to our arsenal, Shibnobi Eco, will be launching on the Android Play store first, followed by Apple’s App Store.

-UPCOMING EVENTS: In the weeks following the relaunch, we will also begin rolling out updates for several of our utilities.
Shibnobi Swap will be updated to not only support trading of tokens listed on our swap, but of all tokens on Uniswap as well.
Play will be updated to support wallet connections, allowing users to consolidate the Credits+ they have earned in different wallets into their universal Shibnobi accounts.
Shibnobi Analytics will be upgraded to V2, and its API will be used to provide data for crypto assets in Shibnobi Eco and Swap.

-SHIBNOBI MERCH STORE: Cliff briefly mentioned that users may start seeing some Black Friday discounts roll out on tomorrow. This is the perfect opportunity to snag a Shibnobi Cold Wallet, which is especially recommended in light of recent events regarding centralized exchanges.

-SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE: Dr. Luke Klele from Mivie Token, the newly-listed token on Shibnobi Swap, stopped by the AMA to introduce himself and his project. They aim to supplement healthcare benefits by providing coupons for medical, dental, veterinary, vision and prescription services.
You can learn more about them by visiting their Twitter, @HealthMivie, and by watching our in-depth AMA with them on our official YouTube channel.
-NEW SCHEDULE: As announced last week, we will be changing our schedule to the following:

Monday @ 5 pm EST – Official AMA
Tuesday @ 8 pm EST – Shibnobi Learn
Wednesday @ 8 pm EST – Shibnobi Learn
Thursday @ 5 pm EST – Official AMA
Friday @ 4 pm EST – Official AMA (Twitter Spaces)
Saturday – None
Sunday @ 8 pm EST – Shibnobi Learn

* These changes will go into effect after our V2 launch party. Make sure you tune in with us tomorrow (November 15) around 5 pm EST! *

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: I’m looking at the V2 contract in Etherscan, and I’m only seeing a little over 4,000 holders. Is this the correct number?
A: Yes, that is the number representing the holders that have migrated so far. You will need to keep in mind, however, that we will not see the same number of holders as we had in V1. A lot of those wallets have very little tokens remaining, and will likely not participate in the migration.

Q: Why did the team decide to set the migration deadline to 3 months? Why can’t we just leave it open indefinitely?
A: If there are still several holders with a reasonable number of tokens that haven’t claimed after 3 months, we may reevaluate and extend the deadline. However, there has to be some sort of time limit in place to incentivize the migration and completely move forward from V1.

Q: What will the prices of ETH Shinja and BSC Shinja at launch be?
A: We won’t know until the time of launch. The prices of ETH and BNB are continuously fluctuating, so there is no way to determine the exact starting prices. Currently though, it looks like they will be around our initial estimated price of $0.000X.

Q: If we are staking our V1 tokens on, how can we determine the number of V2 tokens we will receive upon exiting the staking pool?A: The team will look into adding a token multiplier tool to the UI that will display your expected V2 output.