Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/18/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/18/2022

-VERSE STAKING UPDATE: Our original plan of having holders stake until November 22 has now been pushed to November 24. The reason is that we want this event to coincide with the initial launch of Verse.

-VERSE EARLY ACCESS: As a reminder, access to buying plots of land in Verse will be given in the following order:

1.     Owners of 50+ Shibnobi NFTs
2.     Owners of 35+ Shibnobi NFTs
3.     Owners of 20+ Shibnobi NFTs
4.     Shinja V1 holders who are currently staking at
5.     Public Access

We are still planning out the details, but are leaning towards giving each group above 1 – 2 days before access is granted to the next one.

-70/30 RULE (VERSE): In Shibnobi Verse, all users will be able to use either Credits (standard) or Credits+ (or a combination of both) to make purchases. However, a “70/30” rule will be put in place. This means that users who would like to use Credits+ to make a purchase, must also pay at least 30% of the total cost using Credits (standard).

-SHIBNOBI PLAY: The mobile app for Play should be coming out very soon. We are hoping by the end of next week, or early in the following week. As with our Eco app, the Play app will first be available to Android users due to the lengthy processing time it takes to get an app listed on Apple’s App Store.

-NEW SHIBNOBI SWAP LISTING: LunaOne (@OfficialLunaOne), a project with plans to build a massive metaverse platform, is our newest listing on Shibnobi Swap! Learn more about their project by visiting

-SHINJA V2 CEX MIGRATION: We have sent V2 tokens to 7 or 8 of the exchanges we are listed on. They are now processing and testing integration, and will hopefully enable trading on their platforms soon. We are still waiting on the remaining exchanges for guidance on how they would like to proceed with the migration.

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: When will we be able to link multiple wallets to our Shibnobi universal account?
A: Cliff will consult the team, and provide an update during the AMA next Monday.

Q: When can we expect Shibnobi Eco to launch?
A: The app is ready, but still undergoing final testing to fix any bugs or errors. Cliff will also provide an update for this on Monday.

Q: Any idea when CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will reflect Shinja V2’s data?
A: We’ve submitted update requests to both of them. CMC has told us that the information will be updated “soon”, and CoinGecko will follow a few days after that.

Q: How will Shibnobi Credits / Credits+ incentivize users to buy and hold the Shinja token?
A: Holders of Shinja can stake and earn Credits+ through We are also planning to create an option for users on Play to cash out their earned Credits (standard) for Shinja tokens.

Q: What are the proceeds from purchases of standard Credits going towards?
A: Further development and sustainability of the project.

Q: Has the team considered making it a requirement to hold Shinja in order to use our utilities?
A: We’ve thought about it, but at this point in time, we need to focus on bringing users outside of the project in and spreading awareness of our utilities. Limiting access to holders will not promote growth.

Q: What about offering a free trial period on our utilities, and then requiring users to hold Shinja after the trial expires?
A: Cliff likes this idea and will take it to the team.