Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/28/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 11/28/2022

-CEX V2 MIGRATION: All exchanges that Shinja V1 was listed on, except for BitMart, XT and p2pb2b, have successfully migrated to Shinja V2. BitMart will list Shinja V2 by Wednesday or Thursday this week, but we are still having issues with XT and p2pb2b. We’ll continue to provide updates on our progress with these two CEXes.

-VERSE STAKING: All holders that were staking their tokens on are now able to unstake. If you mistakenly unstaked your tokens between November 22 and now (since November 22 was our originally-announced date), you will still receive the Credits+ that you earned, as well as a position in our upcoming Verse early access.

-SHIBNOBI VERSE: Unfortunately, the team still needs a little more time before they open up the early access land sale in Verse. We are now shooting for Thursday during the AMA.

To remind everyone of the early access timeline:

1.     First 3 days – Owners of 50+ Shibnobi NFTs
2.     Second 3 days – Owners of 35+ Shibnobi NFTs
3.     Third 3 days – Owners of 20+ Shibnobi NFTs
4.     Fourth 3 days – Those who had been staking at

Note: (Once a subsequent tier begins, the previous tiers will still continue to have access)

Don’t forget that there will be a “70/30” rule! For every purchase in Verse, you must cover at LEAST 30% of the cost using standard Shibnobi Credits! If you need to transfer funds from a centralized exchange to purchase these credits, we recommend doing so now since it typically takes a while for these transfers to occur.

Each tile of land in Verse will initially cost just 10 cents (.10 Shibnobi Credits / Credits+)! This means that those who own enough of our NFTs to receive early access and free Shibnobi Credits+ will have an opportunity to buy several different land plots (minus a few designated plots of land that are reserved for Shibnobi HQs) for cheap!

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: There’s still time to buy NFTs at and reach one of the required tiers for early access / free Credits+! And they are still set to BOGO (buy one, get one free)! Once early access is opened up later this week, this opportunity goes away!

-SHIBNOBI SWAP: Proof of Meta is our newest Shibnobi Swap listing! Check them out on Twitter (@proofofmeta) and show your support!

We will also be sending our Swap’s smart contracts in for audits very soon, and hope to have the new version out by next week, which will introduce new Trading View charts from our very own Shibnobi Analytics!

-SHINJA V2 SUPPLY / PERCENTAGE EXPLANATION: Some holders have expressed concerns over the migration, and have stated that we should have based the V2 migration off of the percentage of the circulating supply that they held in V1, not the total supply. This is simply not the correct way to do it.

In V1, even after being burned, the tokens sent to the dead wallet still remained part of the total supply (69 sextillion). This means that the percentage of supply held by everyone in Etherscan / BSCscan was still based off of that original 69 sextillion supply when the snapshots were taken.

In V2, we introduced a true burn technology, which permanently removes burned tokens from existence and makes the total supply and circulating supply one and the same. Because of this, while the supply is constantly decreasing, every holders percentage of the supply held will increase.

-COINMARKETCAP / COINGECKO: We’ve submitted all of the necessary information to CMC and CG. Unfortunately, there is not much else we can do except wait for them to update their platforms accordingly.

-SHIBNOBI ECO APP: The Shibnobi Eco app is in the final stages of testing / review. Likely by next week, we will apply to list it on the Android (typically takes 2-3 days to list) and Apple (can take 21 days or more) stores.

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: What can I use to purchase standard Shibnobi Credits?
A: Currently you can use BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDC or USDT. By next week, you will also be able to use Shinja (V2) to purchase them.

Q: Where can I buy standard Shibnobi Credits?
A: Right now, you can buy them through the Wallet tab on Shibnobi Play (must create an account). You will also be able to buy them on the Verse site when it goes live.

Q: Will I be able to connect multiple wallets that hold 50+ NFTs to Verse so that I can receive Credits+ for them?
A: Yes.

Q: Will both premier and standard plots of land start at the same price?
A: Yes, we’ve decided to make both types of land start at the same price. As buys / sells and development of these plots happen, the prices will increase based off of an algorithm.

Q: If I staked the Shinja in my wallet that’s holding 50+ NFTs at, will I receive my free Credits+ for the NFTs, as well as for staking when I connect this wallet to Verse?
A: Yes, the system will scan your wallet for the NFTs and give you Credits+ for them. It will also scan your wallet address, compare it to the snapshot we took on November 22, and give you those Credits+ as well.

Q: How will Shibnobi Verse intertwine with other metaverse platforms?
A: Initially, it won’t. Our focus early on will be on building up Verse and adding many different features. We may start looking into integration possibilities once we reach Phase 3 of Verse development.

Q: How much is each Shibnobi Credit / Credit+ worth?
A: They are the equivalent to 1 USDC ($1).

Q: How many original private sale participants are left, and have they received all of their vested tokens?
A: They have received all of their vested tokens, but Cliff is unsure of how many are actually left. He will check and provide an answer on that later.

Q: If I already have an account on Shibnobi Play, can I use it to log in to the Verse platform?
A: Yes, it is your universal Shibnobi account and can be used for all of our platforms that support it.

Q: Will 100% of the tax collected for staking go into the staking platform?
A: Yes. The tax that is being collected is going into a wallet and being auto-converted into ETH. That ETH will then be used to buyback Shinja tokens, driving up the price. Those purchased tokens will be put into the staking pools.