Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 12/15/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 12/15/2022

-SHIBNOBI SWAP: The next version of Shibnobi Swap, which will integrate Trading View chart systems and pull data directly from Shibnobi Analytics, is expected to go live sometime next week. This version will also introduce the ability for projects to create liquidity pools of their tokens on our platform without undergoing our listing process. The projects that do decide to go through us for listing will receive our official approval (Shibnobi green checkmark).

Support for additional routers, such as the Uniswap and Pancakeswap routers, will also be added to Shibnobi Swap. This will allow users to buy / sell any asset listed on these DEXes without having to leave our site (one-stop shop).

-SHIBNOBI VERSE: Early access is over, and Verse is now open to everyone! Visit to start buying plots of land and preparing for what’s to come!

-SHIBNOBI ECO: The team is still working on fixing a few minor bugs and issues with Shibnobi Eco. We also want the launch to occur after the new version of the Swap is released since it will be added to the initial version of Eco.

-AMA NOTE: There will not be an AMA on Monday (December 19). The team has meetings to attend that conflict with the regular AMA schedule. We will still hold our Twitter Spaces tomorrow at 4 PM, but the following AMA will take place on Thursday, December 22.

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: Are there plans in place in case Cliff ever had to take an extended period of time away due to being ill?
A: Yes, we have a whole team that would continue to work should he need time to recover.

Q: Can I trade in my standard Shibnobi Credits for Shinja tokens?
A: This feature is not available yet, but is something that the team is actively working on.

Q: When will Phase 2 of Verse launch?
A: There is no date set for this yet. Phase 1 was just released, and the team has a lot of work to do before Phase 2 is ready.

Q: When will we be able to stake Shinja V2?
A: Cliff will have a meeting with the team to discuss potential timeframes. Staking Shinja to earn Shinja / other tokens will be made available first, followed by the ability to stake Shinja to earn Credits+.

Q: Is the team doing any type of marketing? If so, what kind?
A: Yes, we’ve been running a PR campaign with advertisements across various social media platforms, as well as multiple press releases / news articles. We’ve been seeing good results in terms of site visits, but market sentiment seems to be holding back potential new buys of Shinja.

Q: How do our utilities help increase the value of the Shinja token?
A: In utilities such as Play and Verse, we have incentivized the purchase of Shinja by allowing holders to trade them for standard Credits, which are required to buy plots of land in Verse, and can be used to set up wager matches in Play.

Q: What else can the team do to help drive the price of Shinja up?
A: The team is doing everything they can by building utility and providing a safe and inviting trading environment for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. At some point, the duty falls on the community to help spread word about the project and what it has to offer.

Q: Does Cliff have an estimated percentage of the supply that the original private sale participants still hold?
A: In order to get this information, Cliff would have to manually go through each wallet and calculate the percentage.

Q: Can Cliff comment on the FUD spreading on social media about the large amounts of funds being sent from the Shibnobi Deployer wallet to Binance?
A: We are running a full-fledged business here at Shibnobi, which of course has expenses (taxes, lawyers, accountants, insurances, developers / staff, etc.) that need to be paid. Not all of these recipients accept crypto as a form of payment, which means we need to occasionally trade these assets for fiat so that we can pay our dues and continue to operate efficiently as a business.