Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 8/30/2022

Shibnobi AMA Meeting with CEO Cliff Fettner 8/30/2022

-HOTBIT: Hotbit has made an announcement regarding the investigation they have been under, and stated that withdrawals of “unaffected assets” should resume within 2 weeks. As long as Shinja is one of these assets, users will regain full access to their tokens on Hotbit.

-SHIBNOBI STAKING: The dev team believes that they have potentially found an even better plan for staking than what was originally intended, but we can’t spill the beans on this yet. Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

-UPCOMING DEADLINES: Daily reminder that those who still hold CVC tokens, or contributed BNB towards CVC’s BSC presale, have until September 5, 2022 to migrate to / claim Shinja of equal value by visiting!

September 5 will also be the deadline for holders who participated in Shinja BSC’s presale to claim their tokens by visiting!

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: What is the team doing in order to restore morale within the community?
A: Aside from continuously developing and enhancing our ecosystem, the relaunch of the token is being designed with our holders in mind. With the new contract granting the community DAO governance over the project, flexible taxes and a reduced supply, we hope that morale is soon restored to the way it used to be.

Q: Will holders of Shinja V1 who have never sold receive any exclusive incentive with V2?
A: No, this will be a fair relaunch. Nobody will gain an advantage over anyone else.

Q: What date will the claim site for Shinja V2 go live?
A: It will go live on or around November 1. The exact date will be announced when we get closer to the relaunch.

Q: Have the private sale contributors of ETH Shinja received their final airdrop of tokens?
A: Yes, but they are still under the sell limits of the “jailer” bot, which is currently set to 0.3 ETH per day.

Q: Will the private presale “jailer” bot be used with the V2 token as well?
A: There will no longer be a need for it, as the restrictions will be built into the contract itself.

Q: Will the “75K holders” giveaway continue after the relaunch?
A: Unfortunately, no, but we will hold more giveaways in the future.

Q: Will there be selling limits on the new contract for holders that weren’t part of the original private presale?
A: The capability of setting global limits will be built into the contract, but we are still not sure if we will enforce them. There will also likely be limits in place for the first week or two after launch to protect against bots.

Q: Can the team create a step-by-step video tutorial showing what we will need to do when the claim site goes live?
A: Yes, Tedi will begin working on that.