-SHIBNOBI PLAY: The promos containing more detailed information about Shibnobi Play may have their release pushed to early next week rather than the end of this week.

-SHIBNOBI BRIDGE: We are content with how smooth the launch of Shibnobi Bridge was, and how flawless it has been operating thus far. Marketing efforts will start being directed towards increasing awareness about the Bridge platform, and gaining more traffic on it.

-SHIBNOBI NFTS: The reveal party for the first 2,000 NFTs that were minted will be tomorrow night starting at 10 pm EST (during our official AMA).

-CVC MIGRATION TO SHINJA: Daily reminder to those who still hold the CVC token – If your tokens are being stored in a DeFi wallet, visit to trade them for Shinja tokens of equal value.
If they are being stored on a centralized exchange, it is advised that you withdraw / sell rather than transfer them to a DeFi wallet, as this will incur the high tax that has been set.

Those who contributed BNB to CVC’s BSC presale will be able to claim Shinja tokens equal to the value of BNB that they submitted. This means that the price of BNB when the claim is made will determine the total value of Shinja tokens received. The team will make an announcement soon with the date that this claim site will go live.

-SHIBNOBI ANALYTICS: We are currently working on revamping CVC’s website
( and mobile apps to reflect the new merger / branding. Keith is also excited to inform the public that Shibnobi Analytic’s crypto newsletter is live. Users can visit the site above and scroll to the bottom of the page in order to sign up for the newsletter, which will be pushed out each day at 4 pm EST.

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: If my Shibnobi NFTs are posted for sale, will I still be able to stake them?
A: Yes. Once our staking platform is out, you’ll be able to stake them.

Q: Can the team start posting more updates about the status of the roadmap and estimated release dates on Twitter?
A: Yes. One of this week’s priorities has been to determine where we are with everything being developed, and update timelines. Once we’ve gotten a general idea, we will be pushing out new estimated release dates.

Q: Any news about Shibnobi Wallet?
A: As stated quite a few times in recent AMAs, the team has been having difficulties implementing dustproof technology into the wallet. We are now looking to see if it is possible to have our blockchain support the technology by making a few changes.

Q: Will it be possible to stake tokens and NFTs in the same transaction?
A: Cliff will bring this up to the team to see if it is possible.

Q: Will we be able to stake multiple NFTs through one transaction?
A: Yes.