• PLNT MAX LAUNCH: PLNT MAX has successfully launched on both Pancake Swap and Shibnobi Swap! And since they utilized our presale platform, 2% of their tokens have been collected and will be added to Shibnobi Staking when it goes live! Check them out at, and show them some love.

  • LUCK OF THE DRAW: Luck of the Draw’s first drawing happens tomorrow night at 5 pm EST! Make sure you visit to purchase entries/tickets and select which project you’d like to support with a buyback and burn! Spread the word and get more people involved by using #LuckDraw in your Tweets!

  • SHIBNOBI NFT REVEALS: The team has decided to reveal the first 2,000 Shibnobi NFTs that have been minted around Thursday, August 18. Afterward, reveals will happen after every 1,000 mints (the next reveal being at 3,000 total mints).

  • CVC MIGRATION TO SHINJA: Reminder for those still holding CVC tokens in a DeFi wallet — You have until September 5, 2022, to trade your CVC for Shinja of equal value by visiting It is strongly advised that you do so as soon as possible.
    For those who have their CVC in a CEX, Keith will be announcing the cutoff dates to sell your tokens on each platform.
    For those who contributed BNB to CVC’s BSC presale, an announcement will be made tomorrow night during our AMA. Please tune in at 10 pm EST for further guidance.

  • WEBSITE UPDATE: We will be adding a blog section to our website tomorrow. This will hold all current updates and news for anyone to view directly from our official site.

  • SHIBNOBI STORE: Our Brand Operations Manager, Xavier, has received the first batch of Shibnobi coins from our distributor and will be shipping them out tomorrow morning to those who purchased them from our store.
  • SHIBNOBI NFTs: The “buy 2, get 1 free” promo has now been reverted back to “buy 3, get 1 free”. Make sure that you buy 3 of our NFTs in one transaction in order to receive the fourth for free!

Open-Floor Q&A

Q: How exactly will NFT staking work, and what will the rewards be?
A: You will be able to stake your NFTs just as you would with tokens, and earn Shinja for staking them. The number of NFTs you stake, the length of time you stake for, and how many people have entered the staking pool all affect the amount of tokens you can earn.

Q: When will staking be available?
A: Soon. As we get closer to the release, we will provide an estimate date.

Q: Any updates on Shibnobi Play?
A: The team is preparing promos with more information on both Shibnobi Play and Shibnobi Verse. The promo for Play will likely be out at the end of this week, and the promo for the Verse will be out sometime next week.

Q: If Shibnobi does decide to launch a V2 contract, what would happen to tokens held in CEXes?
A: If we decide to migrate to a new contract, we should be able to work with the exchanges to just swap the old token with the new one.

Q: Any progress on implementing the dustproof technology to Shibnobi Wallet?
A: It is still proving to be difficult. As stated before, we are now trying to implement the technology into Shibnobi Chain, but there are no updates to share at this time.

Q: Will owners of Shibnobi NFTs have IP (intellectually property) rights over them?
A: If you own the NFTs, then they are yours. We do not retain the rights over them.