Shinja V2 Migration

Shinja V2 Migration

Q1: I migrated the tokens stored on my Ledger wallet to V2. How do I add the new contract address?
A: Cliff will submit the request form to have Shinja V2 added to Ledger.

Q2: How long will the migration site be live for?
A: For roughly 3 months after November 15, giving everyone ample time to migrate.

Q3: Will there be a burn system with the V2 contract?
A: Yes, both ETH and BSC Shinja will have a tax allocation for burns to be conducted on every transaction. We have also set aside tokens to do a manual burn each month for the next 12 months.

Q4: With the poll on Twitter for voting on V2’s total supply, how do we know that only holders of the token are voting?
A: The voters could be potential future holders.

Q5: Will we be able to see our V2 tokens in our wallet immediately after claiming them?
A: Yes, you’ll just need to add the new contract address to your wallet. You will not be able to interact with them until trading is enabled on November 15 though.

Q6: Will each centralized exchange halt trading and convert to Shinja V2 automatically?
A: Yes, they will be turning in their V1 tokens and receiving V2 tokens in return. We plan to have this process completed before the relaunch, and will provide any necessary updates as we get closer to the relaunch date.

Q7: If I’m staking my tokens at, will I need to migrate to V2 after I unstake?
A: No. When you unstake from this site, your tokens will be automatically migrated, and you will receive V2 tokens. There will not be any extra steps.

Q8: With V2, will every token remain in circulation, or will some be burned? Will there be tokens set aside for exchange listings and other things?
A: A portion of the supply will be burned at launch. We will also have tokens reserved for future exchange listings, giveaways, etc.

Q9: Will we need to migrate our tokens to V2 if we are currently staking them?A: When you exit the staking pool on, you will receive your V2 tokens.

Q10: If I hold some of my Shinja tokens in my wallet, and some are staked, what will I need to do in order to receive V2 tokens?
A: You will need to visit the migration site to trade in the V1 tokens in your wallet. For your staked tokens, you will receive V2 tokens when you exit the staking pool.

Q11: Is the V2 migration based on the dollar value that we hold or the amount of tokens that we hold?
A: It will be based on the percentage of the V1 supply that you hold. You will receive the same percentage of the V2 supply that you hold in V1.

Q12: When trading of V1 Shinja is disabled, will we still be able to purchase NFTs during the migration period?
A: Yes, they are two separate smart contracts.

Q13: If the price of ETH / BNB goes up or down during the migration period, will the value of my Shinja tokens also go up or down?
A: Yes, the price/value of Shinja will fluctuate with ETH / BNB prices.

Q14: If I have 100 quadrillion V1 tokens, how many V2 tokens will I receive?
A: We cannot calculate this information until we disable trading of V1 and take the snapshot. Once the migration site is live, you will be able to connect your wallet and see how many V2 tokens you will get. The important thing to remember is that you will receive the same percentage of the total supply in V2 as you hold in V1.

Q15: What will the team do with the Shinja tokens that were copied to PoW blockchains created after the Ethereum merger?
A: We don’t have any plans to do anything with them at this time.

Q16: Can Cliff confirm that the tokens we have staked will be migrated to V2 automatically?
A: Yes, the snapshot that will be taken on or around November 1 will capture all Shinja tokens, both in wallets and the staking contract. When you unstake your tokens during or after the migration period, you will receive V2 tokens instead of V1.

Q17: Are our V2 contracts secure?
A: Yes. They are based off of our current BSC contract, with improvements.

Q18: During the migration period, will the market cap of Shinja remain the same while trading is disabled?
A: The market cap and price will still fluctuate when the prices of ETH and BNB increase/decrease.

Q19: Will exchanges migrate Shinja V1 to V2 automatically?
A: Most of them have already told us that it will be automatic, so there should be no issues. We will make an announcement if anything changes.

Q20: What will happen with the V1 tokens in Shibnobi Swap and Bridge during the migration?
A: The team is planning to disable trading for Shinja on both platforms prior to taking the snapshot.

Q21: Why are we basing the migration off of a snapshot instead of ratio?

A: The snapshot has nothing to do with the method of migration. It’s just used to record the data of each holder of the V1 token. Everyone WILL be getting a ratio in a sense – they will be receiving the same percentage of the supply of V2 as they hold in V1, and the same dollar value (with fluctuations of ETH and BNB prices taken into consideration).